Okulovskaya Paper Factory


In November 2013 the Company successfully completed certification by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)*

* Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization aimed at promotion of ecologically responsible, socially oriented and economically sustainable forest management.
The Forest Stewardship Council develops standards on responsible forest management, as well as those on the Chain of Custody required for ensuring that customers purchase products made of certified wood, and in course of product manufacturing no undesirable or unknown wood was mixed in.
FSC certification completed we prove our commitment to the principles of responsible forest exploitation.
The FSC specially encourages use of secondary raw materials in the production cycle (FSC Recycled).
The Company as the manufacture using secondary raw materials only, underwent the independent audit and got the Chain of Custody certificate (CoC). This certificate confirms that our products is made of raw materials originating from forests having forest management certificates.

List of FSC product groups

Name of FSC product groupFSC pendingFSC categories of included materials
Medium: Б1, Б2FSC Recycled 100%Waster paper МС–5Б
Testliner: К-1, К-2FSC Recycled 100%Waster paper МС–5Б