Okulovskaya Paper Factory

Molded fiber egg cartons

Packaging from molded paper pulp is the optimum protection of such a fragile product as an egg at all stages of the movement of goods. Due to its reliability, it minimizes the financial losses of manufacturers and retail chains.

Advantages of the molded fiber egg packaging:

  • high strength and reliability;
  • hygroscopic properties and air permeability;
  • transportation and usage convenience;
  • absolute environmental safety;
  • easy-to-recycle.

All packaging products of the Okulovka Paper Mill are fully adjusted to any type automatic egg grading lines.
Useful models of egg cartons produced by the Okulovka Paper Mill are registered in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (ROSPATENT).

Molded fiber egg trays:

  • 30-pc. Mini tray
    Dimensions: 295*255*37.5
  • 20-pc. Mini tray
    Dimensions: 205*250*37.5
  • 30-pc. tray No.20
    Dimensions: 310*310*48
  • 30-pc. tray CARGO
    Dimensions: 280*280*44 TRAY 280*280*30 TOP
  • 30-pc. tray UNIC
    Dimensions: 295*295*45

Due to their reduced size and compactness Mini trays for 20 and 30 eggs allow saving the space during product storage, transportation and arrangement in salesrooms. It cuts down expenses for transportation and warehouse logistics significantly.

Molded fiber egg containers:

  • 10-egg container with a label (ЯК-10S)
    Premium package, white. Dimensions: 248*110*72
  • 10-egg container with a stamp (ЯК-10Е)
    Economy package, light-grey. Dimensions: 248*105*69